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The 2017 Portland Mini Maker Faire at OMSI is over.

We were there with another fabinous exhibit.

 Our Portland Mini Maker Fair 2017 Project

If you or your child came by our booth and rode the hovercraft, please let us know your thoughts about it.

If you would like to share pictures or videos, please post it here. We'll pick the best ones and share them on other social media sites.

Want to make your own hovercraft? It's easy and fun.

We will be posting our own method of constructing a hovercraft soon.



The 2016 OMSI Mini Maker Faire concluded it's fifth year with over 100 makers and 7000 visitors.

And yes, fabinous was there, showing how to make Smart Phone Microscopes.

Our policy - 'YOU MAKE IT, YOU TAKE IT', worked so well that we ran out of kits by Sunday morning.

We were able to hang on to our demo models, so we could still show the ease of construction and the capabilities of the microscope.

We very much appreciated hearing from people who built microscopes at last year's Faire and are still enjoying using them.

Each year, by watching how the kids interact with the microscope, first while building it, then while testing it, we learn about ways to improve our design.

This year's takeaway was that phones are getting to be the size of tablets and some of them did not fit the microscope platform. 

Stay tuned to see photos of our updated design in the near future. We will also publish a parts list so you can build your own.

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