Blue Flower

fabinous went to the faire. Maker Faire, that is.

We had a booth at the OMSI Mini Maker Faire in Portland, Oregon on September 12 and 13, 2015.

We were demonstrating how to build the $10 Smartphone microscope.

We had 72 kits for the kids (of any age) to assemble, test and take home. 

Our mantra for the weekend was - "You Make It, You Take It".

We ran out of kits by 1:00 PM on Sunday - which is fabinous.

Since we made the kits in larger quantities we were able to keep the cost to $6.00 - so you ask -

how can fabinous make a Smart Phone Microscope for $6.00 and dare to call it “Made in USA”?


The plywood base, the acrylic specimen stage and the acrylic phone platform were sourced and made locally. 

The rest of the parts, including the bolts, nuts, washers, springs and lenses came from far, far away.

fabinous provided the labor to design, cut out and assemble the kits.

YOU provided the labor to build and test each microscope.  That, by far, adds the most value. That makes it “MADE IN USA”.

To top it all off, we all had a fabinous time.

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